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Hervey Bay Special School's weekly newsletter provides news about all learning in our school. Individual class activities, including community access outings and photos are popular reading each week. Staff and students design their class page. Newsletters acknowledge students' individual achievements across curriculum, social, communication and life skills contexts.

The newsletter cements the strong ties Hervey Bay Special School has with our parents and carers, our hard working Parents and Citizens Association and the many community groups who assist with our school. Our principal's front page (the principal's page) always gives a positive overview of learning in our school as well as reminders for up and coming events.

Families and staff and volunteers have the choice of receiving the newsletter either electronically or in paper format.

Hervey Bay Special School newsletter keeps its reading public informed and up to date with what is happening in school.

term-1-week-8.pdfNewsletterterm-1-week-816/03/2018619 KB
term-1-week-6.pdfNewsletterterm-1-week-62/03/2018855 KB
term-1-week-4.pdfNewsletterterm-1-week-416/02/2018631 KB
term-1-week-2.pdfNewsletterterm-1-week-22/02/2018511 KB
term-1-week-1.pdfNewsletterterm-1-week-126/01/201872 KB
term-4-week-10.pdfNewsletterterm-4-week-108/12/2017923 KB
term-4-week-8.pdfnewletterterm-4-week-824/11/2017517 KB
term-4-week-6.pdfNewsletterterm-4-week-610/11/2017575 KB
term-4-week-4.pdfNewsletterterm-4-week-427/10/2017449 KB
term-4-week-2.pdfNewsletterterm-4-week-213/10/2017446 KB
week-10-term-3.pdfNewsletterweek-10-term-314/09/2017551 KB
week-8-term-3.pdfNewsletterweek-8-term-31/09/2017621 KB
week-6-term-3.pdfNewsletterweek-6-term-318/08/2017562 KB
term-3-week-4.pdfNewsletterterm-3-week-44/08/2017512 KB
term-3-week-2.pdfNewsletterterm-3-week-221/07/2017489 KB