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Our students experience 'Sailors with Disability'


​We had the opportunity of doing something very special this week. On Monday we went sailing on a yacht called Kayle at Bundaberg with ‘Sailors with Disabilities’. It is 16.2metres in length and has a mast height 25.8 metres. This is what the students liked about the sailing day.
Alexis liked singing random tunes on the boat with KD.
Brittney liked putting her feet over the edge whilst we were sailing up and down the channel.
Connor liked driving the boat whilst making sure that he was watching the green and red markers.


Daniel was scared at first walking to the bow of the boat but then he got confident with the help of Todd and started walking to bow several times throughout the sail.
Bonnie got brave and with a bit of encouragement got up to steer the boat.
Aaron liked sitting in the Boson's chair and being hoisted up the mast. He liked to drive the boat as well!

Tori loved the waves.

Ashley loved the glittery sun on the water.

Tanisha liked driving the boat.
Murrandah enjoyed the waves.
Teegan liked steering the boat.
Brody liked winding the winches.
Matthew liked driving the boat.
Josh liked steering the boat.
Michelle liked watching the waves.

John liked the big waves.

And after all that excitment when we got back there was a television crew waiting to talk to us so in one day we were sailors and TV stars!!!